Training and Building Teams for Operations & Change Implementation

People   ⇔   Process   ⇒   Performance

Business operations training implementation is an inclusive process: Sustainable training ensures each person understands and is a valued part of the Team. We build successful implementation training based upon defined behavioral requirements. This is not new, but we happen to be really good at it: Putting people first with transparent performance-based training outcomes building leadership and team cognitive and skill acquisition & knowledge transfer (enterprise or project) using scalable cost-effective training strategies.

 Training & Implementation are both art and science. We like doing this and are very good at it.....

Training Behavior-Based Business Outcomes

Effective training, knowledge transfer and learning management systems all share the goal of improving individual, team and organizational performance. We achieve this using requirements-based knowledge and skills (outcomes) that are tailored to our client end-user population behaviors, business requirements and success criteria.

Business requirements provide the training need definition, implementation approach and KPIs. We work with clients, using established training and development strategies and a wealth of experience to identify, define and develop the right kind of training to meet operational, schedule, cost and business needs.

Building training from requirements allows performance-based assessment for training evaluation as well as cognitive and skill acquisition for talent development. We produce systematic (that means auditable) and cost-effective (that means ROI value) training and development solutions that are sustainable. We like doing this and are very good at it.

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Training People Experience & Application Areas

Industry: Lean Six Sigma/CMMI®/ISO® for Corporate Transition and Transformation, Project Management, Contract Managers, Engineering, High Performance Work Teams, Cross-Functional Operations, Leadership, KPI Practices & ERP for IT, DoE & DoD programs.

College: Experimental  Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Earth Science, Business Management, Communications.

ISD by the Book but it's in our DNA.


Training Solutions To Build Leadership & Teams

Our Training  services and solutions span a host of industries & project management structures. The diversity of this experience provides adaptable & sustainable cross-functional training solutions across process  frameworks reaching all levels: Individual thru Team, Leadership & Mentoring, Business Process Improvement & Change Management, or Compliance & Certification. Corporate process and training solutions are achieved using goal-based cognitive and behavioral learning models which recognize business performance outcomes and individual achievement.

The delivery of end-user requirements-based training solutions leverages principles from the cognitive and behavioral sciences. This is combined with years of IT, DoD/FAR, & commercial project management, training & instruction, six sigma process  metrics & implementation and  business development. Scalable ISD solutions are employed to meet the needs for individual, team and project management training. Industry standard training tools and models are the framework used to define and deliver quality-based training content design and development for traditional lecture, experiential and mentoring learning strategies: Always keeping the person in the system, and at the front of the learning loop.